Getting Started with AppMethod


Register and Create App

Here are the following steps to get started with App42 platform

bullet Register with App42 platform

bullet Create an app once you are on Quick-start page after registration.

bullet If you are already registered, login to AppHQ console and create an app from App Manager -> App Create.

bullet Give default ACL permission, for example PUBLIC/READ or PUBLIC/WRITE or PUBLIC/ALL.

bullet Once App is created, you will get an ApiKey/SecretKey along with AdminKey that you will use in your app for initialization of SDK.

Download and Set up SDK

bullet Download AppMethod SDK

bullet Unzip downloaded Zip file.

bullet Copy *.dcu/dcp/bpl files available in the dist folder of downloaded zip to your Delphi Library Path See here for details.

bullet Go to Component -> Install Package in the AppMethod IDE


bullet Click the “Add..” button, now you have to navigate to dist/bpl folder of unzipped file where the Package Library file dclApp42RESTApis.bpl is available and then click the ‘Open’ button to add the component package to the IDE.


bullet Now the TApp42Provider component is added in BaaS Client category in Tool Pallete.

bullet Drag and Drop the TApp42Provider component in design view of App. Click on App42Provider1, now you can see the Properties and events in Object Inspector.

bullet Set the property ApiKey/SecretKey/AdminKey that you have received while creating the App(in AppHQ console) in Object Inspector.


bullet Put the ApiVersion as 1.0 in object Inspector

bullet Now you are ready to use App42 services in your project.

bullet You can also build and run AppMethod Sample available under sample folder of unzipped folder to get started quickly.

Using App42 Services

Once you are done with the above steps, you have to select the provider as App42Provider1 and select the backend service component that you want to use i.e TBackendUsers, TPushEvents, etc.

bullet User Service

bullet Storage Service

bullet File Upload Service

bullet Push Notification Android

bullet Push Notification iOS