In App Notification

App42 Marketing Automation gives you the power to show In-App Notifications to your segmented app users without writing any code. This can be achieved by creating Campaigns and defining your segmented users to whom you want to show In-App notifications. You can also define when and how many times you want to show them these notifications. You can also define the action on click for the notification. These actions can be any URL, Custom Code or even another Event.

In order to achieve this you have to enable campaign management through the code. Note that App42 has a different SDK for campaign management and is available for download under App42-Campaign folder of the respective SDK. You have to put that binary in your project path to enable it.

  • create User Api for Android
  • create User Api for J2ME
  • create User Api for Android
  • create User Api for iOS
  • create User Api for Java
  • create User Api for .NET
  • create User Api for Unity
  • create User Api for Ruby
  • create User Api for Rest
  •  create User Api for WP7/WP8
  • create User Api for Flash
@param boolean enable
@param Activity activity
[App42API enableEventService:YES];
[App42CampaignAPI enable:YES];
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Creating In-App Campaign
  • Login to AppHQ console.
  • Select Marketing Automation from the dropdown present at the top.
  • Select any app from drop down.
  • Navigate to Campaign > In-App.
  • Click on Create In-App Campaign as shown in the below image.



It requires following information to be entered as explained below:

  • Campaign Name *: Name of Campaign
  • Description : Description of Campaign.



Who section basically stands for segmented users:



Layout, which you want to create for your segmented users:

  • Select Layout *: Select Layout to be shown. Currently Supported Full Screen, Alert and Confirmation Box.

Once Layout is selected you have to specify Title, Message and Button Text for Alert Box. For Confirmation you have to specify Title, Message, Button Text for Submit and Cancel. For Full Screen, You have to select Image to be displayed.

In App Click Action

On Click Button of selected layout, you can specify action to be executed. These actions might be simply opening a URL in the browser, or can be calling Custom Code deployed on App42 cloud. You can also specify events to be fired on click of the button.


  • On Event *: Specify App Event on which Notifications should Pop Up.
  • Start Date *: Start Date of Campaign
  • End Date *: End date of Campaign
  • Frequency *: Frequency of In-App notification. For Example, Daily /Weekly / Monthly /Yearly view
  • Frequency Period *: How many times do you wish to show In-App Messages during Frequency period entered above. For example, if you have Recurrence interval as daily and Frequency as 4, message will be shown to user four times during the day. If Recurrence interval is set to monthly and Frequency Period is set to 1, it will be shown only once during one month time frame.


Click on Save and your campaign has been created and saved successfully.

Create Segmentation

You can create user segments for campaign i.e. you can define users you want to target for this Campaign, click on New User Segments. This segmentation is based on Events performed by user in given date range along with his location and user properties. Enter the details as mentioned below:

User Segmentation

  • Segment Name *: Name of User Segmentation. For Example paid users.
  • Users Who have done Events *: Event done by users
  • On Date * Date Range in which event was performed by users.
  • Have Super Property *: Any tagged Installation Property of users. For example type=paid. (See What is Super property)
  • Have Location *: Location for users. For example USA, if you are only targeting USA users who are paid users

Create Segmenation

  • Click on this link to configure Push Campaign