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App Usage Data Analysis

  • Measure the number of API calls
  • Storage consumed by your app during a specific period

Track User Geo Location

  • Geographical heatmap of API calls from across the globe
  • Analyse and market your App based on various geographies
Track User Geo Location
Track your App Installations

Track your App Installations

  • Analyse the number of installations of your App across different devices
  • Track your App based on the most download platforms like Android or iOS
  • Learn where your App is performing well and take informed decisions to increase user engagement with our Social Engagement features.
  • Channelize your User engagement resources based on your App's
    performance/success across devices

Track your App Users

  • Track whether your users are from Facebook, Twitter,
    LinkedIn or App42 Single Sign-On
Track your App Users

Track User's Activity with your App

  • Define User activities at various levels and track time, duration, etc.
    spent by users in each activity
  • Track user specific engagement at each level to take informed decision
    to keep him engaged with your App

Push Analytics

  • Track the number of Push messages sent across devices
  • Analyse the number of viewed messages by your users
Push Analytics
Pivot Analysis

Pivot Analysis

  • Drill down your App data further with Pivot analysis
  • Analyse data and generate reports and graphs
  • Set your own filters by Date, Age, Country, Score, Reward and more

Funnel and Event Management

  • Define custom events on each level of your App
  • Funnel Chart to help you track user interaction at various levels to
    push app users towards conversion
  • Calculate your user acquisition, retention and attrition rate
Funnel Event Management
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