manage friends list

Manage Friends

  • Block/ Unblock people from your Buddy List

Create Groups

  • Player can create their own Buddy Circle
  • Play with their friends, exchange gifts, enjoy rewards
create new group of friends
integrate with geo locations

Integration with Geo Locations

  • User can connect with their 'near' and dear ones through our geo-spatial feature
  • Create Buddy Lists according to geography of people

Send/Receive Messages

  • Users can send/ receive Sounds & Pop-ups with their Buddies even when they are not playing the game
  • Our Cross - Platform Push Notification Service help increase User Engagement
send or receive new massages
App42 user engagement services

More Services with Buddy Management

  • Explore our other App42 Gaming Services to create a complete virtual world for your users
  • Users can create their custom Avatars
  • Challenge friends and compete on customized buddy leaderboards