App42 Cloud API

The App42 Cloud API's consists of a REST based service that has a JSON and XML interface. There are around 20+ modules with over 400+ API's e.g. User, Session Management, Storage, Recommendation, Photo Gallery, Queue / Message, Game, Geo Spatial etc. that support developers to develop their applications irrespective of the type of App they are developing. SDK's are provided for all popular languages and platforms that enable easy integration of the API's into the App code. With just a few lines of code, the App developer gets access to services for developing simple to complex technical as well as business services.

User Management File Storage Social Leaderboard Social Recommendation Shopping Cart/ E-Commerce Push Notification Custom Code Logging Catalogue Gaming NoSQL Storage Session Management Geo Spatial Avtar Management Review/ Rating Message/ Queue Image Processor Buddy Management E-mail Gallery In-Appp Anlytics