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Growth Hacking
Make Your App Viral
Growth Hack
  • Boost User Acquisition with App42 Virality
  • Get Detailed Analytics on Each Campaign
  • Track Top Influencers & Leverage their Circle
  • Multiple Platform & Campaign Support
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Gamify Your Apps
  • Make your General Non-Gaming Apps Exciting with Game-like Features
  • Boost User Engagement with Buddy, Gift, Leaderboard & Reward Management
  • Personalize Apps with APIs such as Avatar Management
  • Increase the Life of Apps with Competitive Services
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Marketing Automation
Acquire, Engage, Retain & Convert Users
Marketing Automation
  • Capture Real Time User Behavior, Session Duration & Active Users
  • Advance User Segmentation Based on Different Criteria
  • Engage with Users through Push/In-App/Survey/Email/Coupon Campaigns
  • Monitor User Returning Frequency with Cohort Analysis
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